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What kind of transport / vehicles do you use, during our travels in Bhutan?

Generally speaking, for groups, we either provide Coaster Bus or Hiace Van and Hyudai H1 Van. All these Van and Buses’ seats reconfigured to allow more leg room. Hiace/H1 can seat up to 5-7 passengers and the Guide & Driver comfortably in the front. In the back, it has 3 rows of 2 passenger seats and one bucket seats on each row. Coaster Bus has rows of two seats on one side and one seat on the other side. We have 2 types of Coaster Buses. The smaller coaster can fit 15-16 passengers comfortably and the large coaster can fit 19 passengers comfortably. Small SUV or Hiace Vans are provided for individual travelers. Premium/ Luxury SUVs such as Toyota Prado/Land Cruisers can be rented at supplemental charge.

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Is the country politically safe and stable?

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When is the Weekend Market in Bhutan ? and where is it?  Are they interesting to see it? Does my tour incorporate such visits or do I have to do it on my own?

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We wish to visit Bhutan in October. We know we will need an Agency such as yours to arrange for the Druk Air flight to Paro (PBH) from one of the Druk Air gateway airports such as Dhaka (DAC), Kolkata (CCU) or Kathmandu (KTM). We are about to purchase tickets from our home overseas to one of these gateway airports for the connection to Druk Air.

  1. The Druk Air schedule for October, 2014, shows two flights #KB401 departing KTM for PBH on Thursdays, one leaving KTM at 8:45am, and another leaving KTM at 1300 hours (1pm); is this correct?

  2. If we are scheduled to come from overseas and land at KTM at 6:15am, is there likely to be enough time to take the Druk Air flight scheduled to leave KTM at 8:45am (scheduled to land at PBH at 10:20am)? Will there likely be enough time to retrieve our luggage from the incoming flight, pass through any passport controls, customs, immigration, exit, and othe formalities, check in with our luggage at Druk Air, and pass through any security controls and board the 8:45am flight to PBH?

  3. We read that in October, KTM often has delays due to morning fog. What is the probability that the scheduled arrivals and departures on an October morning will be delayed due to fog or other weather concerns, and how should that affect visitor planning?

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Are there any specific days when monuments in Delhi remains closed?

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