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Questions and answers about Bhutan in General: such as Health, Hospital, Safety, Tipping, Guide,Communication, Language, Education. About hotels, accommodations, standard of accommodations, meals, choice of food.Things to do, activities ,Souvenir Purchase, electrical accessories, gift in Bhutan.

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Question and answers relating to Bhutan’s currency, notes, exchange rates, Banks, ATMS, credit cards, travellers’ checks, Indian currency, etc

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All questions related to Bhutan Weather, climate, temperatures, altitudes of places in Bhutan. Also all questions related to clothing or gears for visiting Bhutan.

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Questions and answer about Bhutan tourism policy that is in place, like daily tariff, rates and packages tours etc. Also about Bhutan tourism packages, rates etc.

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Questions and answers relating to Bhutan visa, passport requirements,  immiigration, permits. How to get to Bhutan, how to get around, flights, transport etc

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This category basically inserted to take care of questions in regards to flights to and fro to Bhutan (Druk Air and Tashi Air) as well as other mode of transport for entry to Bhutan.

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I will be in Bhutan as part of an official mission, but want to stay some more days as a tourist. Is that possible? Do I have to pay the tourist tariff and pre-arrange? Thanks!

  • Wolfram asked 9 years ago
  • last active 8 years ago
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We wish to visit Bhutan in October. We know we will need an Agency such as yours to arrange for the Druk Air flight to Paro (PBH) from one of the Druk Air gateway airports such as Dhaka (DAC), Kolkata (CCU) or Kathmandu (KTM). We are about to purchase tickets from our home overseas to one of these gateway airports for the connection to Druk Air.

  1. The Druk Air schedule for October, 2014, shows two flights #KB401 departing KTM for PBH on Thursdays, one leaving KTM at 8:45am, and another leaving KTM at 1300 hours (1pm); is this correct?

  2. If we are scheduled to come from overseas and land at KTM at 6:15am, is there likely to be enough time to take the Druk Air flight scheduled to leave KTM at 8:45am (scheduled to land at PBH at 10:20am)? Will there likely be enough time to retrieve our luggage from the incoming flight, pass through any passport controls, customs, immigration, exit, and othe formalities, check in with our luggage at Druk Air, and pass through any security controls and board the 8:45am flight to PBH?

  3. We read that in October, KTM often has delays due to morning fog. What is the probability that the scheduled arrivals and departures on an October morning will be delayed due to fog or other weather concerns, and how should that affect visitor planning?

  • m. kenn asked 9 years ago
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Dear Wind Horse,

Hope this finds everyone well.

I would very much love to do the 15 day Snow Leopard Trek. My only available dates are appx from October 18….onwards.

Do you have other trekkers that would like to go at that time, if others are willing, i do not mind joining another trekking team.

Please advise.

Best regards,

  • kitty tempel asked 9 years ago
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When is the Weekend Market in Bhutan ? and where is it?  Are they interesting to see it? Does my tour incorporate such visits or do I have to do it on my own?

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On Druk Air’s website, they state, “All Passengers are advised to reconfirm their flights at least 72 Hours before scheduled departure.”

We purchased our Druk flight (BKK to PBH) through Wind Horse, and we have received e-tickets from you. Since we might NOT have Internet or phone access the week before our flight, we might not be able to reconfirm with Druk ourselves.

Therefore, does Wind Horse reconfirm Druk flights for Wind Horse’s clients?
If so, do we need to send you a request, or is this something you do automatically for all Wind Horse’s flying customers?

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I am flying through Delhi and have about an 11 hour layover before my Druk Air flight to Paro. I simply plan on staying at the airport between flights. Do I need an Indian Visa if I’m only a transit passenger. I spent most of February in India and have no desire for any more sightseeing. – Richard B

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