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Nepal General (30)

Under this category , all the question related to Health, Hospital, Safety, Communication , Language, Tradition & Culture, accommodation, Meals, choice of Food, things to do, activities, souvenir purchase, electrical accessories, gift, tipping etc are answered in order to enable guests to comprehend order of affair.

Nepal Monies, Currency, ATMS, Credit Cards and Debit Cards (7)

Questions in term of Nepal monies, Currency, ATM Cards, Credit Cards And debit Cards will be address at this section in most comprehensive way.

Nepal Temperature, Climate, Weather, clothing, Nepal standard Time, Best time to visit (9)

This section deals with general weather and Climatic condition that should be expected, clothing corresponding to it, the difference in Nepali Time with GMT, and subsequently the best time to visit in term of weather and Festivals.

Nepal Travel Visa, immigration, Travel Documents, Flights, Transport (10)

This part primarily looks into affairs related to Visa procurement, Valid travel Documents like passport and Flights and transport information.

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Are there ATMS in Nepal? Are credit cards accepted in Nepal?

There are ATMS in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other big cities in Nepal that accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA and MASTER CARD. Larger hotels, restaurants and curio shops accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA and MASTER CARD for larger purchases.  You can contact the banks for credit card services. Smaller establishments still prefer hard cash.


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