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Getting to Tibet: Flights, Overland, Transport used (2)

Addressing the questions related to Flights, surface transport like train etc, transport used for Tour

Tibet & Chinese Monies, Currency, Exchange rate, ATMs, Credit Cards, Debit Cards (1)

It primarily focuses on answer the question related with monies, currency, exchange rate, credit cards

Tibet General (15)

It deals with questions related with Health, Hospital, Safety, Communication, Language, Guide, Accommodation, Meals, things to do, activities, Souvenir purchase, Tipping, Electrical accessories, gifts, etc.

Tibet Tourism Policy, Tibet Visa, Chinese Visa, Tibet Permit (Alien & Military)Travel Documents. (10)

Questions and answers session in regards to Tibet Visa, Chinese Visa, Tibet Permit & Travel Documents.

Tibet weather, Climate, Clothing, Tibet standards Time. (1)

This section particularly deals with matter concerning weather, climate, clothing and time

Tours, Treks, Group Journey, Wind Horse Policy

Question & answer about Tours, trek, Group Journey, Wind Horse Policy

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