What is the ideal time to visit Bhutan?


What is the ideal time to visit?

Generally the travel period has been categorized into two seasons – Peak season and Lean season. Honestly, both the season has its own charms and perks. Generally it is considered March & April and September & October as an ideal time to visit, undoubtedly the weather is good and normally these periods coincide with festival. The flip side is it’s really difficult to get hotels and flight as everyone foray to come during this time. Advance booking is imperative.

Lean period consist of July & August and January and February, it has its own perk as during this time it’s less crowded, land cost is ideally low so are the flight cost. Less visitors spell better access to good guides, accommodation etc.

In term of weather, July and August are considered monsoon. However, due to topographical feature the rain are concentrated mostly on southern region, in fact the tourist places of interest experience mild rain and you can find the whole valley of Paro, Thimphu Bumthang carpeted with green vegetation which offer a very beautiful sight. January and February as winter offer greater clarity in sense of visibility. The day remains quite warm with glorious sun unlike the night and morning, which can be cold but during those time you will be inside in the cozy warmth of heater in Hotel.

For comprehensive details on Weather & Temperature time to visit, please visit the link below;


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