Do I need to get a VISA for Bhutan?

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Do I need to get a VISA for Bhutan? How can I get a visa to travel to Bhutan? Are there any countries from where I can get a visa? How long does it take?

All tourists (except Indian national with valid travel document) need visa to enter Bhutan. Tourists Visas are all processed in Thimphu via a local travel company such us Wind Horse Tours. No embassies abroad will issue Bhutan tourist Visa. In order to process your Visa, first your trip duration and itinerary must be confirmed. Then once you send the passport details, tour payment, your visa is then ready within a week. However, Department of Tourism (now Tourism Council), will only issue visa about 1 month prior to the start of the trip in Bhutan. It is possible to request an expedited visa, if your trip is coming up soon. The processed Visa paper is faxed/ scanned and emailed to you. This confirms your visa for your arrival to Bhutan. When you arrive at Paro airport or at the border in Phuentsholing (for those using the land option), you need to show this copy and then passport is stamped with visa for duration of your stay in Bhutan. Visa is pre-paid and so you do not need to pay for it. Earlier passport size photos were required but since beginning of 2008, this has also been waived.

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