Indian Travelers to Bhutan; we are Indian citizens and wish to travel to Bhutan

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Indian Travelers to Bhutan; we are Indian citizens and wish to travel to Bhutan. Do we need a visa and be a part of the organized tour. If it is possible to travel independently, any particular problems that people have faced in attempting such a thing in the past?

If you are and Indian National holding valid Indian passport or travel document, Visa is not required. The permit to travel within Thimphu and Paro can be obtained at Paro airport, upon arrival. And you need to process permits for travel to interior Bhutan, while in Thimphu. If you are arriving by overland, you will need to process travel permit through Indian Embassy’s Liaison Office in Phuntsholing at the border, along with the Bhutan Immigration Office there. It is not mandatory for Indians to be part of a tour organized by travel agency or tour operator. However if your trip is pre-planned with the local agency, they will be able to book hotels, organize the permits required for the trip, arrange transport and Guide as necessary and save lots of your time and frustrations. There is no fee for permits and generally speaking, most drivers can speak Hindi and bit of English. If you travel independently without pre-planned and per-booked trip, you could run into having to find your hotel, pay higher rates and spend lots of time, running around to obtain permits. So, even if you have to pay a bit extra, it is worth the hassles to organize your trip through a travel agency in Bhutan or through their counterpart.

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