How safe is Delhi for the tourists?

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Adequate number of police officers are deputed in proper uniform outside the Arrival Hall and parking area. You can contact the nearest police officer to report about any undesirable elements and touts that you come across at the airport. Delhi Police keeps a check on these undesirable elements and touts at the airport. Active participation from the tourists in this drive is desired.

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How safe is Delhi for the Tourists?

Delhi can be pretty safe provided you exercise  precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Some of the things that you should keep in mind are

1. Don’t travel alone especially after 10 pm. (this goes for both males and females)

2. Keep quick stunning devices (taser guns) or pepper spray with you. Regular sharp objects can also be used to your advantage (like keys and pens if stabbed with enough force can cause enough injury to your assailant).

3. Avoid walking close to a parked vehicle specially if it is a secluded area. Also many kidnappers/muggers/assaulters try to get you to come closer by asking for directions. Make sure you always answer from a safe distance.

4. Call the police helpline number 100 or 1091 (women and senior citizen helpline number). Be articulate and to the point when you speak to the operator.

5. Don’t be over-friendly with strangers.


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