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Do you recommend travelers receive rabies vaccine?

Answer – US CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends Rabies Vaccine for those visiting Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet and many other countries not covered by our travels. Chances of coming in close contacts with animals are high and exposure to stray dogs are particularly high in Bhutan. Although the odds of being bitten are low but not zero and so for the peace of mind, it best to get pre-immunization rabies vaccine. However on the plus side, Rabies vaccination is available readily in almost every clinics and health centers in Bhutan and Bhutanese and tourists can avail for free if bitten.

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Is Indian currency accepted in Bhutan? What is the exchange rate ? If taking an Indian currency to Bhutan what denomination of notes  can one bring? Is Indian currency a legal tender?

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what is the baggage limit for domestic flights in India?

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